Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small Christmas Party with Colleagues

Yay! Today I had the first Christmas Party for 2010. The first ones who celebrated Christmas with me were colleagues in the new office. We had Christmas buffet lunch and loads of presents. The best part of today's Christmas celebration was that everybody got early release from office on Thursday! Yes, we all were dismissed from work right after the lunch. I think we all only worked in less than three hours today. Cool, huh!

First thing in the morning when I reached office, I was surprised by the Christmas goodie bag sitting on my desk that the office manager prepared quite some time ago. She did all the shopping, from the Christmas tree to the contents of the goodie bag. All this while, she kept all the goodie bags under the Christmas tree that she herself put on. 

The office's Christmas tree.
The Christmas Goodie Bag.
At10.30am, the office manager announced that all the staff should leave the office and share cab with other colleagues, head to Holiday Inn Atrium Hotel's Melting Pot Cafe at Outram Road for buffet lunch at 12.00pm, wear the Santa's hat, have some games and gift exchange sessions and then everyone is permitted to not go back to the office after the small party. *Felt like going back in those schooling days*

We had heavy lunch, some internal networking sessions (to get to know each other since most of us are new to the company) and hilarious games during the gift exchange. We all had very good laughs today.

Everyone was tasked to bring a Christmas present of S$10 value and put some clues on the gift so the receiver could guess who gives the present.

The Christmas presents I packed this year.
A colleague blessed with loud voice assisted everybody in reading the clues and spiced the game session with humors. The person who could not guess who gave the present should take a bite of wasabi bread or dance briefly. This is what I wrote in my gift: "Merry Christmas to whoever receives this gift. This is from the new kid on the block who sits about 2 meters away from the Christmas tree in the office". I thought it was an easy clue but the whole colleagues were guessing about 5 minutes.

Sliced bread with wasabi paste for those who cannot guess who gave the gift.
Office Manager as the MC and they guy in pink acted as the MC assistant.
Guess who!
Group photo with colleagues after the small party.
Few colleagues thought today I purposely wore the red dress to match the Santa's hat from the office. This morning, one colleague bumped into me and made a remark that I looked like Santarina, who is allegedly the Santa Claus's wife. My red dress made me an accidental fashion victim during the party, but it turned out to be a nice match to be paired with the Santa's hat, isn't it?

These are my first Christmas presents this year: chocolates, S$ 50 shopping voucher, first-ever Santa's hat, no-smoking balloon and a mini Teddy Bear. Once more, I am so jinx in lucky draws. I didn't win the extra S$ 20 shopping voucher during the lucky draw. Anyhow, I am so happy today and have a strong feeling that tomorrow everyone will be on severe holiday mood.

Domestic treasures of the day.
Well, I guess it's no longer that early to say Merry Christmas to everybody.

Merry Christmas to you!
Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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