Saturday, December 18, 2010

Party-of-Five at 7017 Flavours Restaurant

Today is the day for another Christmas lunch with mini gift exchange session. This time around I had it with my dear ex-colleagues cum now friends plus my husband. I was looking forward to this one for the longest time. It has really been a long time since our last rendezvous.

Rej chose the lunch venue for today, the 7017 Flavours Philippines Cuisine Restaurant at Marina Square. The restaurant's unique name is apparently based on the fact that the Philippines has 7017 islands. It was my first experience dealing with real Filipino cuisine galore in a fine-dining setting.

First timers at Filipino food fare.

Finally we were together again!

Introduced by our Filipino friends, Rej and Irish, we dined on the best authentic Filipino food in town. Very interesting. Nice lunch and we learned something new today. These are the food fare that were introduced to us today.

The Main Course:

Cute steamed white rice.

Pinakbet (Shrimp Paste Vegetables). 

Inihaw (Grilled Seafood). 

Crispy Pata (Pork Knuckles).

Me and Iris going crazy!
Oops, Irish and I forgot to take the picture of the best dish for today (in my opinion). The Adobo Chicken. Shame, shame.

The Drinks:

 Filipino brewed coffee.

Sago Gulaman.

The Desserts:

Maja Blanca.

Leche Flan.

Brazo de Mercedes.

One last important thing before we ended our small Christmas party was the gift exchange session. I thought since it was a small group, we would just randomly exchange the gifts. Apparently, Rej has given some serious thoughts on how to do this properly.

We exchanged the gifts in three attempts since some of us received our own gifts. First round was led by Rej. She read a long story from the internet with countless "left" and "right" words. Whenever she mentioned "right", we had to pass the gift to someone sitting on our right side, and vice versa. It was really amusing and interesting but unfortunately, it didn't work out as planned. Second round was led by my husband. He suggested us take turn in 'grabbing' the gift on hand that we wanted from other person. However, it still didn't work out either. Last round, we just decided to draw some lots from the numbered folded papers. It worked and concluded our short catch-up meeting today.

Two of us with our Christmas gifts from friends.

I got Irish's gift! So sweet, huh?

Lots and lots of Christmas gifts for us today. 
Additional presents from Rej: Nail polish for the girls and
a bottle of nail color remover for my husband's wife.

By the way, it was a small international gathering we had today. Participants comprised of Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean and Filipino nationals.

Maligayang pasko! (Merry Christmas in Tagalog).


  1. Crispy pata and leche flan looks yums!!! Not to mention the filipino coffee! :D

  2. Hi! Yes. I think they call it pork knuckles, more like pork legs I think. I'm not a big pork eater. I think I didn't even eat this dish then :P


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