Friday, December 17, 2010

Attending [Nuffnang] Nokia Ovi Workshop

Last Wednesday night, I became a workshop's delegate for one more time. I attended Nuffnang's Nokia Ovi Workshop at Suntec City Mall. I was among those 50 bloggers in Singapore who got selected to attend Nuffnang's complimentary workshop last weekend.

The workshop was held in partnership with Nokia. It was about publishing our blog as a mobile application with Nokia's Ovi App Wizard. After the workshop, my blog app should be down-loadable on the Nokia Ovi Store, for free. So those who have Nokia smart phone, please give 'The Wanderer's Journal' a look on the Nokia Ovi Store. Last time I checked, my blog app is still under their review for publish but I do hope it can be published real soon (apparently it has taken way more than 24 hours for their review).

Anyway, Nuffnang's Nokia Ovi Workshop was quite an interesting workshop to attend. It was my first time attending a workshop related to personal blogging and social media. At 7.00pm sharp, before the workshop commenced, the organizer from Nuffnang did some ice-breaker games amongst the participants. It was quite a funny experience. All of us were given a blank white paper and a pen. We were supposed to draw ourselves in one minute time and the organizer would collect all the drawings once the time was up.

This is how I pictured myself in my drawing.
Then, they would distribute each drawing randomly to the whole participants. Everyone was asked to find the person on the paper and have some introductions with other nuffnangers in the room.

The guy that I had to find during the game. Easy to find? Tell me about it
It took me four or five wrong guys to finally find THE ONE on the paper that was given to me. As for my drawing, I think I drew myself quite well. It's not fantastic but I guess it was pretty much self-explanatory. One girl who had my paper shouted "Is this you?" to me when I was about to search the chap in the above picture.

Right after the game, the workshop started at about 7.30pm. The workshop was led by Nokia's representative called Elliott Renton. He opened the workshop with some brief overview of Nokia and the Ovi store. Moving on, he taught all the participants the step-by-step guides on how to create the mobile app for our blogs in the Nokia Ovi Store. It was a really fun thing to do and not so difficult to create either.

Before the workshop started.
A greeting surprise from Nokia on every  table.
A sneak peek on my blog app to-be on the Nokia Ovi Store.
These are the freebie that I got during the workshop. Not bad, on top of the chance to have more publication on my blog if my mobile app is published, I also walked away with a Nokia optical mouse.

Optical Mouse from Nokia. Cool?

Me showing off my Nokia's mouse to husband at home.
After a one long day outside, I definitely looked like a train wreck.

Oh, at the workshop I actually saw my favorite blogger in Singapore, Leonny, attending the event too. I check her blog like e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y but when I saw her and her daughter at the workshop, I was so chickened out. I was too painfully shy to say hi and introduce myself to her. I pushed myself so many times with a thinking like "Come on, both of you are Indonesian stranded in Singapore, why can't even you show some guts and say hi to her?". Yet, I still didn't talk to her when she was like only 50cm away from me in the dinner buffet area. Bummer!

A lesson learn for me as a blogger if I were to attend this kind of workshop again in the near future: Please prepare a camera (although luckily I was saved by my iPhone 4 at the workshop). So, a camera is a must. That's how a real blogger act. Have a camera ready and snap photos for blog updates. No camera, no photo, not cool.

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