Saturday, December 11, 2010

Me vs. My Husband in Tron's Helmet

My husband and I happened to see Tron: Legacy's movie trailers a couple of times when we watched other movies at the cinema before. The first time I saw the movie trailer, I knew that this kind of action science fiction movie is a movie that my husband would LOVE to watch. His face told it all when he saw the movie's trailer. He just loves this kind of futuristic action-packed flick. One thing I noticed about this Tron's film is that it's produced by the Walt Disney, which means it is a pledge of a not-to-be missed movie.

Few days ago, I received announcement emails from Nuffnang on Tron's Movie Blogging Contest. Nuffnang is giving away premiere tickets to watch this movie in 3D. All I have to do to join this contest is to "Like" the Tron SG Facebook Fanpage, play one of the three applications there, take a screen shot of the application that I played and blog about it. That's all.

Last night, Nuffnang sent another reminder email about this contest. The deadline for this contest is today, 11 December 2010, at 23.59hrs. So, I told myself to better hurry to join this contest! I woke up really late this morning and got appointment to meet my husband at Jurong East at noon. So, right after I get off from my bed, I hastily turned my laptop on and opened Tron's Facebook page. I 'liked' the page as instructed and tried all the three applications there.

Tron's Photo Booth Application on Facebook Fanpage.

After I did all the three application trials, I decided to choose the first application there, the Photo Booth Application. It's fun and not complicated. I wanted to see how my face looks like when it's put inside that Tron's helmet.

My face.

Apparently, I look funny in that photo. I look like a comical hero and don't look cool at all. I don't look like a superhero who could save anyone's life. Wrong photo, perhaps? 

Anyway, then I tried to use my husband's face in this application too.

 Husband's face.

I think, he looks much better than me in this photo. It seems that in this picture, his face can carry this 'superhero' personality (a bit). I hope he doesn't mind me playing with his face here since I didn't get his consent to do this. He is busy working on this Saturday morning and apparently, his wife is busy playing around with his photo on Facebook at home. What an irony.
Alright. I think I can still meet the contest's deadline and really hope to win something from a contest, at least for the first time in my life time.

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