Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Journal

Today marks the second year of my journal's existence. I'm so proud of it. I forsook it once but I rekindled my romance and fell in love with it again even deeper after I realized how important it is to my life.

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Blog!
Hey, my journal! You've been a great company for the past two years. So many things had happened since the day I created you. Thank you for your kind help in maintaining all my life records, entertaining my astronomical rambles and expressing my wandering thoughts. You've been a splendid silent best mate. Really.

I truly wish I could keep my burning passion to you for the longest time possible. I really hope to keep this infatuation feeling with you just like the first moment I titled you and clicked your "Publish Post" button exactly two years ago.

Wish you many happy years to come!

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