Sunday, December 12, 2010


We've been kinda stuck at home this Sunday. Literally, we've been browsing internet and watching one after another old movies all day long. We only went out for breakfast and lunch. We just don't know where to go today. And we both really can't believe that tomorrow is already Monday. All of us had been waiting for weekend for damn long. Isn't it way too fast to see how weekend just pass by like this?

Anyway, I spotted a nice sunset view from my apartment and asked husband to quickly snap photos of it. 

 View from my 20th floor apartment. 
Taken by YK at 7.56pm.

 Another view from my 20th floor apartment. 
Taken by YK at 7.57pm.

Then, I asked him "Shall we go out and see?" He said, "You won't get to see this kind of view downstairs. This is Singapore. The sky is blocked by buildings". Well, well.

Albeit we have dawn and dusk everyday, unless we are bound to be somewhere in a beach or mountain and deliberately spare a time to witness them, most of the time we rarely appreciate the exquisite views they produce. Moreover, in a city life like this, when the sky is clear, how often we notably mind the beautiful sunrise and sunset saying hello to us every day?

Minutes later, there it goes, time flies once more. As I blog about these sunset photos, the sky is already dark.


  1. The most important thing is that we had spend the day the way we wanted and with the person we wanted.

  2. Hi, lovely sunset, that is my favourite time of day. Work is over and time to play. Pls do drop by for my story.


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