Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Comes Alive at AMK Hub

We live in Ang Mo Kio and AMK Hub is just walking distance from our place. We noticed some cute Christmas decorations were put on in the mall's entrance already more than a month ago and planned to snap some shots there when we got time.

The truth is although we walk pass this decoration everyday we just never took some photos until today. I happened to be a bit dressed up from the Christmas celebration with friends today and my husband brought his camera. So yes, he put the Santa's hat onto my head and asked me to pose around while we got the chance and the mood - before they take all these cute boards and dolls down right after Christmas.

I love the Christmas festive season in Singapore! Everywhere is so delightful and merry although there is no snow involved! Everyone in the country is just so enthusiastic in celebrating Christmas.

And this is how I show my enthusiasm over Christmas this year, I've been wearing the Santa's hat at the Christmas celebrations and wore it until I reached home after the photo session at AMK Hub. I think some peopled glared at me and my Santa's hat on the street on my way back home this afternoon but I didn't give a damn. It's Christmas time. I mean, yes, I can be that shameless sometimes.

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way...!

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