Monday, December 6, 2010

Best Daily Investments

In a country like Singapore where health care may costs bloody fortune and foreigners like me are yet to be fully covered by insurance, prevention from sickness is always better than cure. Previously, I was really resistant in buying food supplements since I always thought that these extras just wasted my money. However, in early of this year, I started to fall sick rather frequently due to my vigorous traveling schedules. As much as I wanted to travel, I forgot that my body had a limited strength capacity. There was only that much that it could take from long-distance traveling on weekly basis. Then, I ended up visiting neighboring doctors quite often until he remembered me and this resulted in spending more money for the consultation and medication fees.

Since then, I seriously thought of investing more on various vitamins. Now, I have become a vitamin freak. I buy vitamins and regularly take them on daily basis to boost my body immune system. I just cannot run out of them. My husband was and is my big supporter for this decision and since few months ago, both of us always have vitamins ready at home, although some of them cost quite expensive too.

Our vitamins army at home.
In the beginning, I started to drink Redoxon every day. Not much effect I felt at first but after few consecutive months, I really could feel the difference. Flu did not attack me as often as it did. Then, I also took Vitamin B complex capsule (as per doctor's advice) in order to maintain my hormonal balance and iron - so I get less headache and can control my stress level well. I still take Vitamin B pills almost every day until last week. My husband chooses to take multi-vitamins capsules instead. He thinks that even though they cost more expensive than the other vitamin options but they cover all the necessary supplements that we need.

Anyway, flu bug seemed to win over my body this time around. All these vitamin armors have failed to protect my body last week when some people passed me their flu bugs. But, one thing to notice here is that I didn't get this sick as often as I did before started taking vitamins on regular basis. My advice is just to shield our body with these pills if we can afford them, especially since we live in this hectic and stressful environment, take public transportation where virus and bacterias can be easily transferred through various mediums and often fail to consume healthy food for every meal. Trust me, taken in proper dosage, these vitamin guys won't go wrong.

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