Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baby Pluto is in the House

A couple weeks ago, we received a S$10 voucher for Takashimaya from the M1 Workshop we attended. Today we purposely went to Orchard and tried to spend the voucher wisely. I know it's only S$10 but money is money and we just had to utilize it.

We walked and walked and walked around Takashimaya's department store to find the right thing to buy. Something we liked, is useful and worth exactly or slightly more than S$ 10. We almost gave up in finding the thing that we wanted to buy. Apparently, randomly spending money is not that easy.

Due to my life time commitments to Disney's classic characters, when we reached to a rack full of Disney's dolls, I was so tempted to get one. I saw some Disney's baby characters in Disneyland shop in Hong Kong Airport few months ago but decided not to buy one then. Today, I saw similar ones and could not helped to ask my husband's endorsement to get one. The doll comes with an air-tight plastic container too.

As usual, my husband had to go through some long painful contemplations with me in choosing which baby to bring home. The choices were Baby Mickey Mouse, Baby Minnie Mouse, Baby Tigger, Baby Piglet, Baby Goofy and Baby Eeyore. Difficult, right? Finally, we mutually agreed to pick Baby Pluto to take home.

Baby Pluto and its lodging.
Look at the tongue!
Hello, folks!
The Disney baby dolls are on sale so today its value was exactly S$10 (UP S$12.90)! Not sure what we will do with this Baby Pluto and the container, but as for the time being, I just feel like keeping it safe and sound in my glass cabinet. Hopefully this Baby Pluto represents the premiere of my Disney's baby collectibles, if husband does not object.

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