Monday, December 6, 2010

Attending The M1 Windows Mobile 7 Workshop

Last week my husband made an online application to attend M1 Windows Mobile 7 workshop for free. The invitation was for two persons and it was to be held at the Novotel Hotel, Clarke Quay at 10am-12pm.

It was a rainy Saturday and we only managed to leave our AMK house at 9.30am. We took two buses in that rainy morning to get there. What a lovely experience! Riding the bus and joking around during the journey with your loved one in a rainy morning outside the house, while usually people tend to choose to be stuck in their houses during a cold rainy weekend. 

Anyway, we reached to the hotel about 30 minutes late but the M1 guys still admitted us, as expected. I think that M1 workshop was intended for MEN only! It was about the latest windows mobile application then followed by some presentations on latest  mobile phone products by marketing representatives from LG, Samsung, HTC. My husband seemed to enjoy that mini workshop to the max! He answered most of the questions that the speakers posed to the audience. Honestly, I felt quite bored during the workshop and tried my best to stay awake by making myself busy with my own smart phone. It was really a workshop for gentlemen.

I am a conference producer by profession. I produced and ran countless conferences and workshops too. It felt damn good to attend the workshop as the delegate, not as the organizer! After the experience, I personally really wonder how people can stay put in a full one-day workshop. Running the workshop is one thing, but attending one full day course is really another thing.

I was busy doing my own workshop: Making self pictures with my iPhone 4.

As promised, there were lucky draws. In total, both of us won S$ 250 M1 voucher for opening new contract with them (which is useless for us since we have no plan to change our contract with them), S$ 10 Takashimaya voucher and a Christmas Tote, which I plan to give away to my Mom. Too bad, somebody else already won the real brand new phones which my husband longed!

M1 Voucher and Takashimaya Gift Voucher.

Big Christmas Tote for my Mom. I think it's big enough to be a shopping bag.

All in all, in spite of the boring material offered at the workshop, I really enjoyed the many other things that happened last Saturday morning.


  1. Hi,

    Just happen to bump to your blog while crawling the web. Do you still have the M1 voucher. Just need one piece as I am thinking of buying the phone. Can you just drop me a mail at


  2. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, we still have the voucher. Please check your email. I just sent you a message.



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