Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Those Days

Those days there was this Malaysia-Singapore distance separating my then boyfriend and me. We mainly communicated online though chatting portals on day and nights. Back then, we were quite cautious in managing our international phone call and SMS bills although we spent quite a bit on the traveling part to see each other as often as possible.

My then boyfriend liked to draw so many cute things on MSN and send them over to me while we were chatting online. I kept all of the drawings that he sent to me and last night I managed to compile everything in one page for memorabilia. He said all his drawings altogether look like a kindergarten kid's art product. But anyway, once upon a time, one and each of them meant upon to me.

I just came across the one and only drawing that I successfully drew on MSN during my online chatting with my husband long time ago.
Yau Kee & Qiu Xia

I sucked big time in controlling "Hand Tool" on MSN to create drawings. My hand shook horribly when I was moving the mouse to create drawings. Almost all the time I ended up creating weird and scary drawings instead of those good and cute stuff. I only managed to have this turtle couple as my masterpiece using MSN drawing after so many times of drawing. I sent this picture across to him almost immediately when I was done with it and he once posted this as his profile picture on his Facebook. I was very touched. *blushing now*

Sometimes, I like reminiscing those courting days but do not wish to come back to those 'long-distance relationship' ever again.... Not a single bit!

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