Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Story of A Turtle

I don't usually shop for dolls anymore. I mean I used to buy quite a lot of animal dolls when I was much younger but later on I ceased buying them due to monetary reason and the fact that they just collect dust. 

One of my animal dolls that I once loved so much was this dark brown short dog doll which I named as Pedro. I bought Pedro I was in the 6th grade of primary school in Malang Plaza and he cost me Rp 8,600. Pedro could produce "BEEP" sound when his stomach is pressed. Too bad I never took photo of it although the doll kept me accompanied until my university years in Surabaya. Now Pedro enjoys a quiet life in a glass display in my book shelf in my Malang's bedroom.

Sometime in early 2005, I remember I was walking around Plaza Araya, a two-story mall near my parents' house in Malang. My sister, cousins and I were taking a break from a nearby funeral home where my late Grandpa's body was temporarily laid. Then, all of us were simply crying too much over his departure and the whole ordeals since he passed away drained our bodies. Hence, we thought of taking a walk outside to take some fresh air in the mall before going back to my house and taking a shower.

When I was walking around the second level of the mall, I bumped into a small turtle doll displayed outside a toy shop. There were lots of mini green turtle dolls inside the basket outside the shop. 

Kur's Portrait taken by YK in 2009 in Singapore.
Somehow when I saw this tiny green fur ball in the shop, I was so eager to have one for myself. Next thing I knew, I was choosing the right smile on the turtle faces in the basket. I could not remember how much I paid for this but in the end I took one home.

Kur and Pedro in Surabaya.
I could not think of a proper name for my new idle green pet so I just call it Kur, in honor of my own famous nickname, Kurisutin, given by my friends in University. Ever since, Kur has followed me to Surabaya, Amsterdam, Malang and now Singapore.

Back in Amsterdam, since nobody sold bolster, I used to strangle i.e. hold on Kur's neck when I was sleeping. Now I always put Kur as my one and only cute decoration in my bed in Singapore. Since I met Kur, I always feel that all the similar turtle-like dolls are cute (although in real life, I really dislike keeping turtles and the like as pets).

I decided to throw Kur into a washing machine yesterday since after all the international travels that she went through all these years, she has never taken any bath. In fact, I don't think she has had her bath since the day she was brought home.

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