Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Sea Angel at Sentosa's Underwater World

My husband and I often experience this severe feeling of being so stuck in Singapore. Quite often, both of us just felt that Singapore is such a quite boring country, leaving us with not so many options to visit on weekends. Our getaways are limited to frequent and regular visits at malls in Orchard Road, AMK and Bishan, cinemas, food courts, dining restaurants, mobile phone shops. That's all.

Last week, my husband suggested us to go to Sentosa Island and visit the Underwater World there for the weekend. I've been there once five years ago and so did he. Sunday morning was such a rainy day and we thought of canceling our Sentosa plan. However, since we got not much agenda to spend our precious Sunday afternoon so we just went ahead to Sentosa for sightseeing once the sky was clearer. We both just could not afford losing our weekends in our rented room all day long browsing updates at the same old sites in the internet.

Apparently there's not much developments in the Underwater World as from five years ago. Even the Indian guy who showcases giant pythons for chargeable photographs with the snakes is still there, stationed in the same spot. 

Two things that I notice had been changed were the venue of the Pink Dolphin show had been moved to different area and there are cute polar sea creatures displayed in a separate chamber.

Greeted by Touch Pool: Touch the fish but do not lift them from the water.
Cute souvenirs that I wanted to take home but hindered by the husband.
My husband and I were totally amazed with this tiny polar creatures. We just found them so interesting and cute that we even visited its separate aquarium twice, took lots of photos and videos of these animals.

These creatures are called Sea Angel and were just added to the Underwater World's collections two years ago. 

 Information about the Sea Angel.

The dancing Sea Angel.
They generally live in the seas in South and North Poles. They are mini sea swimming slugs and part of mollusks family. Their appearance is so tiny and transparent and they graciously swim in the cold water like flying angels. They have so much reasons to be titled as Sea Angel, but one thing that not so many people know is that when they are near to their prey, they transform into such vicious devils. They swim incredibly fast then release their tentacles to grasp their preys before swallowing them.

Curious to meet the angels? You might want to get yourself a chance to witness these angelic sea creatures personally.

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