Friday, November 12, 2010

Road Trip in Malaysia - Kluang - Mersing - Seremban

This is what I am going to miss so much when I am back to my life in Singapore: Long distance road trip with my husband in Malaysia.

I usually follow him to go to his site in Mersing or running errands in some other industrial areas around Malaysia.

Today, we had about 650km back and forth driving from Seremban to Mersing since my husband was tasked to drop some machineries at site. We left home at 10am and just came back home at around 9.30pm.

I love long driving with him.
  • Sightseeing. 
Today's assigned car.
  • Eating at the local restaurants. Like this one in Kahang, for example. 
At a Chinese Restaurant in Kahang.

Charming smile?

 During our latest roadtrip in Malaysia, my husband surprised me 
by dropping by at a Chinese Restaurant serving Wild Boar Noodles.
But I couldn't take it.

Wild Boar Noodles. Scary? 
The noodles taste like ginger so much.
  • Shopping snacks in the petrol stations' kioks and enjoying all the junk food I buy in the car.
  • Long chatting in the car. 
  • Listening to music in the car. 
  • Relaxing in the car until I fall asleep when he drives.
  • Etc.
I am so going to miss this for the world!

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