Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Beginning

My new working life started exactly two days ago. I am starting again from zero. I am back to all the adaptation stages. Trying to grow myself up once again.

Starting all over again.

I am adjusting my new life, from turning in to bed earlier each day so I can get to office exactly at 9am, waking up way much earlier to get to the office on time given the double further distance between two places, finding my way from home to office and vice versa, connecting with all the people there, getting familiar with the new working system, romancing the sector that I am placed on, forcing myself to do some routines that I once despised in the previous roles, etc.

I am now back to the stage where I am less confident, shy and confused in the new environment. I was the one who used to mentor my juniors or new comers in my previous company now I am in that junior's position in the new place. What ruled then now does not mean anything much anymore. Now I listen to other people a lot. I seriously take their advices and teachings in the new job. I am mentored by other conference practitioners. I can't do things on my own way anymore to get things done in conferencing.

Don't forget to look down.

Now is the perfect period to practice my teacher's advice exactly before we left high school - There is always a higher sky above the sky. Although, once you excelled in a place at a time but there are always people better than you somewhere else. Be humble and keep striving.

God, I am so thankful on today's public holiday. I need a break although it is too soon. Why now I forget how to take life easy?!

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  1. "There is always a higher sky above the sky" sound like the Chinese idiom: 人上有人,天外有天。


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