Thursday, November 25, 2010

My New Working Life Now

Almost two weeks have past since I first started my new job. I'm still in the process of adapting to the new environment, job scope, people and everything new in this new job. And I'm surely still struggling in waking up at 7am every week day.

It's definitely a more international office than the one I had before. The office comprises of people coming from so many countries around the world namely from South East Asia, Europe, American, South Africa, India. All of them are older than me and the working environment is so mature. Everybody really works efficiently (come to office strictly at 9am and no extended lunch hour) and they all seem bloody serious during working hours. Everything runs in faster pace in this company. Colleagues and line manager expect me to come up with immediate results everyday as if there is not even enough time for me to process the whole new thing properly first. A bit pressuring, huh?

Yesterday, there was this girl whose name I cannot remember having her birthday. The Office Manager bought her a chocolate birthday cake and asked the other staff to gather around to celebrate. Here is my first group photo with some of the new colleagues in the new office.

First Birthday Celebration.

And today, I assisted running their last event  for this year in Singapore. My role today was the conference administrator in-charge for the registration for attending delegates whose company names start with A-M. Such an easy job compared to running the event as the producer. But, duh! My humility was tested today. Instead of mentoring newcomer when running conference, I am now the newcomer who take the lessons from others. Instead of ordering people on site, I was ordered to do stuff for peer colleagues.

Apart from this, seems that the basic conferencing process is similar to what I have known from the previous job before. Some major differences here are the audience scale, sponsorship involvements and no one-man-show for the producer in running the event. Almost all the event team members went down to the hosting hotel to help out since 7am!

First conference to witness.

More to come. More to learn. More to bear. Hang in there.

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