Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making the Sauteed Shrimps Again

My Mom intentionally packed Worcestershire Sauce (Saos Inggris) for me when she visited me back in August. Who knew that few weeks later, I'd move to a house whereby I can't touch the landlord's kitchen but her drinking water tap?

Now, my only chance to cook and bake is my husband's house in Seremban. During my break in Malaysia two weeks ago, I tried to cook and bake again. I really miss cooking and baking cakes!

Last week, I tried to cook my Mom's infamous sauteed shrimp a.k.a "Buttered Shrimp (Udang Mentega)" since we cook the shrimps with lots of margarine. I cooked this dish once for my husband and posted this too. The ingredients of this dish can be found HERE.

I am documenting the step-by-step photos in making this dish since my husband happened to loiter and snap some photos around the kitchen when I cooked dinner. I know it's a simple dish to prepare but I tend to forget how to make something even though I've made it before.

1. Clean the shrimps and put them in a mixed of crushed garlic and salt. Fry the seasoned shrimp for few seconds only.

2. Put some margarine in a hot wok. Be a bit generous on the margarine.


3. Put sliced garlic and sweet onions in the melted margarine.


4. Put the shrimps in the sauteed garlic and onions. Add dark soy sauce, sugar, pepper, salt and Worcestershire Sauce.

My trusted dark soy sauce brand. Only those made in Indonesia.

 Worchester Sauce that my Mom packed.

5. Mix well and serve hot with steamed rice.

I didn't put enough soy sauce and Worchester Sauce. 
The result was not tasty this time around but it smelled so good.

I always love this childhood home-cooked dish. Too bad I can't cook this as well as my Mom does just yet and have limited chance to cook or enjoy this.


  1. Practice makes perfect. I'm happy that you have such a enthusiastic towards cooking good food. I'm proud of you.

  2. Hey finally real shrimps!! ♥ Unlike the ones we got in HK.. haha! You look like a super chef! I can't cook for the world -_-"

  3. Hey hey hey Celes! How come you finally knew about my blog? What a happy surprise! :-)


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