Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stuck in Hong Kong: The Last Conference

My last conference for ABF was in Hong Kong, happened in end of last month. In the beginning, I was really lazy and totally reluctant to go and run this event which I took over from a colleague who has left the company earlier than me.

As the actual conference day drew near, I told myself to take it easy. Just run it and go home immediately. My husband comforted me many times and advised me to just enjoy Hong Kong despite the problematic event that I had to run.

True enough, the conference itself was another drama-packed one and quite tough to run. Enough said about the problematic conference, now I just would like to recall all the good things that happened during the short trip.

I was fortunate to be accompanied by my administrator colleague, Ann, who has gone to Hong Kong for many times. After the conference ended, she accompanied me touring some areas near our hosting hotel in Hong Kong. Out of work context, it turned out to be a pretty good trip there. The only thing that I regretted about my Hong Kong trip was the fact that I did not tag my husband along to enjoy Hong Kong too.

Back in Hong Kong, I had the chance to reunited with my uncles in Hong Kong.

Reunited with my Uncle Kian Sun of HK, Uncle Ajong of Indonesia.

I met my speaker/new friend again, Celestine Chua, a famous personal excellence blogger and internationally-acclaimed life coach. She was a marketing manager for an MNC in Singapore and then decided to be a full time blogger. You can read Celest's infamous blog HERE.

New friendship: Me and Celestine Chua. Reunited again. 

I dined on dishes that I thought I would ever dare to put onto my mouth.

Ordered this dish by mistake. Fried Squillas.

I shopped around the market and other street shops.

Shopping around at the night market. What a chilly night!

And I got a free book from our speaker, Madan.

Free signed book for me and Ann from the author himself!

Finally, I was happy to fly home to my baby again!

Wide smile at the airport.

Bye-bye Hong Kong, for now! I have a feeling I will come back to you again.

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