Saturday, November 20, 2010

Drinking Expression

My niece, Jennifer, is now so big! She's not even 2 years old but she seems much older than that. She's getting smarter and funnier. 

My Mom and sister constantly update me with Jen's photos on Facebook and stories over the phone. The last photo series that my sister took earlier this week was photos of Jen purposely acting like an advertisement star when she was drinking. I really love her funny face and expression. My sister told me that Jen purposely acted serious like this without being directed.

When I saw Jen's expression when she was drinking the juice in the photo, I had a déjà vu! Somehow, I really feel like I have seen my husband doing similar funny expression when he was drinking something in the past. After long search in my photo documents, I finally found what I wanted and purposely pasted both photos together for better comparison.

YK and Jenny: Funny face experts.
Similar but not the same. Duh! I so heart the funny look on their faces.

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