Friday, November 12, 2010

Bintan Escapade: Eat, Play, Love

My holiday is almost over now. At this moment, all I can do is to recall my trip to Bintan Island with my husband to kick off the long holiday.

Actually, I planned a short trip overseas to celebrate my husband's 28th birthday and our first honeymoon. Initially, I was planning to bring my husband go somewhere around South East Asia but due to time constraints that point of time, in the end I just chose Bintan Island. Logistically, Bintan is easier to reach from Singapore. Iris Tan introduced a travel agent in Singapore which provide a cheap package from Singapore to Bintan. It included the ferry transportations, land transports and hotel accommodation for 3D2N. 

I had a terrible seasick in the ferry from Singapore to Bintan. I never had a serious seasick when taking boats or ferries before, but that morning... Gosh! I felt like vomiting so many times.

Sick face.

I owed so much to Minyak Angin Cap Kapak (Axe Brand Medicated Oil) to help me get through the waves!

Although in our opinion, Bintan is considered an expensive place for short holidays since they charge everything in SGD, we must say that had a quite relaxing stays in Bintan. Too relax, in fact, but we both appreciated the slow days we spent there. 

We tried our best to fill our slow days there with new activities that we have never done before. 

Day 1: Our first bowling friendly competition.
A complimentary from the resort.

Day 2: Joining traditional dance before the Elephant Show.

 First experience riding an elephant: Nervous.

Riding the elephant to the forest: Excited.

I was touched by her melting eyes.

During the elephant ride, I had a chat with the man who tamed the elephants. He said that elephants can actually live up to 60-70 years in a wildlife. They live slightly shorter when domesticated. It took them years to tame and train them for elephant ride or shows. Domesticated, I think they are gentle giant pets.

Husband had his first archery lesson.

My husband celebrated his 28th birthday at the resort.
We had a complimentary pre-arranged birthday cake from the hotel.

Day 3: We love the quiet beach and the pool!

I feel that this vacation happened only yesterday. I still cannot believe that it was two weeks ago and soon enough, new busy life in Singapore is starting again.

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