Friday, November 12, 2010

Baking Green Marble Cake

After the recent chiffon cake baking failure, the other day I was tempted to bake again. Other reason to bake again was to consume the baking flour and margarine that my husband bought as much as possible so they won't get spoiled - since nobody will use them for a long period of time when I am not around.

On my way home from KL, I was browsing for simple marble cake recipe in the car then I texted my Mom on how to make the marble appearance on the cake. She said, just simply put the white dough and colored dough alternately in the tin. As simple as that.

The original recipe for the marble cake that I used from the internet can be found here. Again, it is in Bahasa Indonesia. Somehow, I feel more comfortable following cake recipes written in Bahasa Indonesia than English.

I altered the recipe a bit to suit my available ingredients at home and below are the ingredients used in my marble cake:



150 gr Self-raising flour
6 Egg Yolks
4 Egg Whites
A pinch of Cream of Tar Tar
200 gr Margarine
200 gr White Sugar
2 spoons Milk Powder
2 tea spoons Vanilla Essence
2 tea spoons Green Coloring 
2 tea spoons Pandan Essence

  1. Mix the margarine and sugar until white.
  2. Add the egg yolks slowly onto it until even then add in the flour, vanilla essence, milk powder.
  3. Mix the egg whites separately and add in a pinch of cream tar tar to make the dough stiff.
  4. Once all are mixed, separate the dough into two. 
  5. In one bowl, add in the green coloring and Pandan essence or other artificial essence or coloring as preferred. 
  6. Pour in the cake tin alternately until both doughs finish. 
  7. Bake for about one hour time in a small fire.
Fresh from the oven.

I love the green color, as always.

I cut the cake into small pieces for easy consumption. 
Plus, I've removed the all burnt parts in the cake's bottom.

Voila! I had no more horrifying baking disaster this time around. Luck was with me. The baking episode resulted pretty well unless that apparently I baked the cake with too big fire so I had bit of cake burnt on the bottom. And I should have put more Pandan Essence since I didn't smell the Pandan that strong in the final result. Overall the cake taste was good.

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