Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The 'Tired' Mascot

This cute giraffe with a 'So Tired' writing on its neck, at first, was on Rej's desk. I think she brought this from the Philippines. In the beginning, its role was merely as a cute colorful desk decoration or a toy.

This is how the giraffe looks when it stands still.

This is what happens when the giraffe gets tired. 
Just pressed the button underneath to make it all weak.

Once, when Iris was so stressed out at work, Rej passed this to Iris's desk for few months. This giraffe became our 'tired' mascot ever since.

When it was my turned to be pressed up to the wall at work, Iris passed this to me. It was on my desk until both of them left the company a month ago. 

I took it home today as my last day in the company is drawing near. I have eight more days to go.

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