Saturday, October 2, 2010

Superb Steaks in Seremban

We thought Mother was spending the night in KL today. After we ran errands around the town, we decided to settle our dinner outside. My husband suggested Kensington Restaurant for dinner tonight when we accidentally passed by the restaurant whilst we were searching for a beauty salon for my facial around the area - which we could not find. He told me that his friends said the food in this restaurant is not bad. So I said OK. Let's try.

After he finished paying the outstanding bill in the hospital, we dropped by to the quiet Kensington restaurant. It was about 6 pm and I think it was too early for people to have steak dinners. Out of my expectation, their streaks turned to be GOOD!

Grilled dory fish with cajun sauce and tomato, onion bits: 9/10.
 I love the tangy tomato cuts and tasty wedges!

I just ate fish and chips the other night but tonight's fish was not a bad choice at all. 
Mango and orange juice combo was nice too.

My husband ordered this chicken steak. I could not help but stealing the sauce almost all the time.

Sizzling chicken with ham in cheese sauce: 10/10

As we were eating our dinner, apparently people started coming. The quiet restaurant was half-full in less than one hour. And I know why. Price is affordable. Food is excellent. Environment is acceptable. We have just found another place for regular dining.

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