Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Did Something Brave

On Friday morning, I did something brave. I did something that I thought I would never ever do. I ruined my own plan.

That morning, I tendered my resignation letter from my current company before actually finding a new job. I mean I have been trying to find one every now and then but have yet to secure one. I hope I will find one soon, within this one-month notice - or I'd be a stranded expensive housewife in Singapore.

I had planned for moving on for so long but in my initial plan, I would only really quit my job when I finally find a new better one. Not without one, like now. However, I believe that Friday's incident was not an impromptu move over anger or frustration (or maybe a little bit). I have given thoughts on this for quite some time but something happened on Thursday afternoon rounded my plan up. I consulted my husband and parents about this plan and even had a terrible sleepless night in welcoming that Friday's morning.

I have been affected by too many things, for too long and stayed put for the past 3.5 years. Now my dear producer colleagues, Iris and Rej, who had been always together with me in ups and downs - ones of the only reasons to stay in this job, have decided to move on.

I hope my decision to leave my current job won't reflect cowardice or anything equal to that. These days are the period of my life whereby I cannot afford to be jobless and relying on my husband's finances, simply because I have husband now, is never really in my plan.

Now, I am horribly scared and worried on the uncertainties ahead. God, help me find my new way soon. I believe that everything happens for a reason. What's meant to be is meant to be.

Never give up and never stop on job hunting! I will find one. A better one. Soon. *convincing myself*

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