Tuesday, October 12, 2010


If I had a garden of my own, I'd plant two favorite flowers of mine there: Lilies and Frangipani.

I've been admiring of one particular flower for the longest time but only managed to find the real name from my husband's "1001 Garden Plants in Singapore" book published by National Parks Singapore last weekend. His sub-contractor bought this book for choosing the plants needed for his Mersing's project landscape.

Last Saturday night, he let me read the book and I finally found what I wanted to know. After so long. I found the photos and name of my favorite flower on page 1001 in the book. I knew the name of this flower in Bahasa Indonesia since my Mom has few pots of the pink one at home but I had always been curious to find out its popular name in English.

My other favorite flower after Lily is called Plumeria. Its common name is Frangipani. It is a tropical flower family and has two famous color variations, pink and white/yellow. I often see hotels and spa houses put this flowers as decorations in the rooms or bathrooms or even the swimming pools, especially in Bali.

Pink Frangipani

White/Yellow Frangipani

In my imagination, I'd have one tall Frangipani stand in the middle of my grass-carpeted garden. Then smaller frangipani plants in pots will be put surrounds the garden itself. Neat and nice. I shared this idea to my husband and he said it's a good idea.

But now I am contemplating. After reading more about this flower in Wikipedia, Frangipani is associated as to ghosts and demon. In facts, they are common plants planted in cemeteries in Indonesia or Malaysia, which I noticed too. Although nowadays, many people plants these flowers in their house, but still this fact creeps me. Brr.....

Apparently, there is nothing perfect even when it comes to beautiful flowers too.

** Photos are randomly taken from various sources in the internet.

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