Friday, October 29, 2010

Farewell Notes

Today marks the last day of my service to my current company after almost 3.5 years tenure there. I blasted emails to all my speakers of my ongoing events last week and at one point, I got so moved by some of their reactions minutes after I sent the emails out. What they wrote to me prompted me to keep those here so I can get easy access in retrieving the memory about my departure from ABF sometime in the near future.

Here they go in chronological order:

Where are you going??
LD, Foreign Legal Counsel of HHP, Indonesia

Hi Christine,
Sorry to hear that you are leaving. Please do keep in touch in your new role (where this will be)? All the best! Remind me to email introduce you to my colleague Robert Liew. Partner who runs our Singapore office.
HH, Resident Partner, Roosdiono & Partners, Indonesia

Hey, mau kemana? :)
Ini email lo?
Good luck for your new job!!!!
Semoga Sukses ya...
AN, Program Officer, International Finance Corporation, Indonesia

Dear Christine,
I was very sorry to receive your e-mail regarding your decision to leave the Asia Business Forum, Singapore soon. I want to take this opportunity to say that during your assignment, you have been with us; your role has been entirely satisfactory.
Hope to see you again soon, perhaps at some place in East Java.
With warm regards,
UC, President Commissioner, PLN Geothermal and Ret-Principal Engineer, PLN Indonesia

Good luck with your new position. Are you staying with ABF?
OK. Best of luck.

EMcC III, Managing Director, Asia Renewables, Hong Kong

Dear Christine,
It is indeed unfavorable moment to see you leave ABF though we've never met each other.
I have had an enjoyable experience working with you through email communication.
Wishing you all the best in your future endeavor.
Kind regards,
AP, President Director, PT. Medco Geothermal Indonesia

Dear Christine,
We wish you all the best and hope our relationship will be continued in the future.
IR, Secretary of CEO, Pusat Investasi Pemerintah (PIP), Ministry of Finance of Republic Indonesia

Dear Christine,
This has come as surprise, indeed it was pleasure interacting with you. I so much wish that you were around at the time of the conference. I hope in your new assignment, there is something for us to interact. Wish you all the best and thanks for your valuable support. Please be in touch.
With warm regards,
Dr. PS, Director of Finance, Delhi Power Company and Delhi Transco Limited, India

Dear Christine,
It's been a pleasure interacting with you. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Thanks and regards,
AK, Head, Crisil Ratings, India

Where are you going Christine.................................... Take me with you also.... hahahahhahaha
GS, Senior Pipeline Engineer, PTTEP, Thailand

Hi Christine,
What a surprise! Are you moving on to some greener pasture? All the best for a brighter future.
CZ, Regional Manager Midstream Asia Pacific, IHS, Singapore

Those lines are so sweet and I appreciate those very much indeed. I saw someone has obviously overplayed it in a silly note (I really hope he is not serious!). Another reaction that really got me rather emotional was from a speaker named JL from Hong Kong whom I've interacted well for the past few months. He called me right after I blasted the announcement farewell email to him.

Farewell presents from colleagues. I still cannot believe that it was my turn to receive them after so many times chipping in and shopping for farewell gifts for other ex-colleagues.

My department colleagues bought me farewell gift and wrote sweet notes on a cute card personally made by Jen. Jen herself gave me a fresh Sunflower after lunch time. The very first Sunflower I received in my entire life. This evening, some colleagues sent farewell emails and SMSes to me. They were such sweethearts. I would definitely missed them, especially all those staff who served the company long before me!

Me under the spotlight.

My boss bought me a farewell cake and gathered the whole office in the conference room. He did the farewell speech and I had to say something too after him. My second time ever giving a farewell speech to my hosting company.

My cubicle.

And at last, this is the photo of my beloved corner cubicle when I left today. The place where I laughed and quietly shed my tears out of frustration once in a while. The place where I dwelt with overloading information, phone calls, emails and produced all those events for the past few years. It was usually messy and loaded with stacks of papers and folders since I liked to drown myself with lots of research papers when I was in the midst of developing an event. Quite weird to see it rather neat now.

All right. Good bye for now, ABF! It has been a long good journey with you.

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