Saturday, October 16, 2010

Movie Review: Eat, Pray, Love

To take my husband to cinema especially for a drama or love story movie is almost not possible.

Yesterday, we were just so bored at home. Hot Saturday afternoon with not much to do at home, here in Singapore. We decided to just go to Bishan Cinema and bought two tickets of whatever movie available for sudden purchase. Somehow, we just like that Junction8 Mall in Bishan better than AMK Hub.

During my Friday lunch with big groups of colleagues in Swensen's Orchard, I heard they mentioned that Eat, Pray, Love The Movie is rather boring though the book is famous. Anyway, despite the not-so-good remark, I chose Julia Roberts movie for my movie date with husband. I was pretty sure, my husband would scold me if I made him watch this kind of movie in a cinema but I just wanted to see the movie since Bali was chosen as one of the movie sets. During the movie, I heard him laughing and teasing me. So I thought, my choice was okay. In the end, he said the movie was not bad.

Basically this movie Eat, Pray, Love is literally about eating, praying and loving. To live a full life, we need to have good appetite to enjoy good food offered in this world. Secondly, we need pray to God so we need a faith to hold on to when ourselves or other humans fail to help us. And lastly, we have to find someone of group of people to sincerely love, express our love and feel loved.

One negative thing that my husband and I felt about this movie is the divorce part and frequent lover changing (although maybe the second point is inevitable in life).

We both love the scenery and cultural settings that the movie offered. Italy, India and Indonesia. Hmm... I miss Bali now.

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