Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fixed Change

This evening, my husband accompanied me to my new office to sign the employment contract with my new employer. Yes, I finally secured a new job few weeks ago. I'm happy and relieved.

But honestly, I've been dreading and worrying about the fact that I am about to leave my comfort zone in my current company. The energy field that the company's trusted to me for the past few years is really my passion. I always enjoy producing high-profile conferences related to energy sector especially the Power sector.

I grew the company's energy sector and Indonesia event performances from humble beginning back in 2007 into the present's steady 40-50 paid delegates per event. I am so going to miss playing around with the energy sector in Asia - producing an event from just an idea based on the sector's constant developments. I am undoubtedly going to miss meeting the industry people from around the world at the forums that I created too, especially those whom I've established good relationships with thus far. Big time!

My management is pleased with my events' performances too and since last Friday, my direct manager has been asking me to reconsider my decision in leaving my current role as the conference producer there. I appreciate what my bosses feel towards my service in the company since they welcomed me to taste the real working life as a fresh graduate.

Moving forward, I really thank my superiors for all the learnings and opportunities that they gave me to grow into the person that I am today. I also appreciate the independence that my direct manager gives me to create the events that I want to do according to my passion. Him asking me to reconsider my decision to stay put really feels like something is pulling my leg whilst my legs are ready to move forward.

Anyhow, I have made up my mind to move on with my career. I want to learn and explore some new things. Plus, I must not forget the major reasons why I resigned in the first place. Moreover, today the new contract is signed. My brand new life will officially start mid of next month. I'm preparing myself to the changes. Major adjustments will take place soon.

Now I can just trust what people say about change. That a change is good since nothing in this world is permanent but change.

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