Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beef Noodle War: Seremban vs. Singapore

I put the bet on Hock Lam's Authentic Beef Noodle as the Singapore's beef noodle champion. This is the best beef noodle I've ever tasted in Singapore. It is Singapore's oldest beef noodle restaurant and has been maintained by the family's four generations since its inception in 1911. There's always long queues at their restaurant in Boat Quay and I saw so many national reviews and award certificates about the goodness of their beef noodle pasted everywhere in the restaurant's wall. I am this restaurant's regular customer since Iris Tan introduced this place to me sometime last year.

Recently both my husband and I tried the beef noodle from the food court in Bishan, but to our disappointment, its taste was very bad. Very plain and traumatic. Therefore, I thought for beef noodle in Singapore, Hock Lam's is still the winner.

Hock Lam's Dry Beef Kway Tiao with Meatballs in Boat Quay.
(Normal size at S$ 5.50).

I was very proud over this fact and purposely dragged my husband to Hock Lam's restaurant near my workplace for lunch last Friday. Amazingly, after the first bite, he gave me a sour face. According to him, Hock Lam's beef noodle is not good. He gave me a bored and unhappy face whilst eating my favorite beef noodle in Singapore and looked like struggling in finishing it.

Showing my favorite Beef Noodle in Singapore off to my husband.

I was terrified and surprised at his response. Then, he said, "This beef noodle is nothing compared to the one in Seremban. You tasted the beef noodle in Malaysia before, right? The one from Pasar Besar (Big Market). What do you think?" I told him that the one from Seremban is good. Both taste equally good. It's just that Singapore has different style in preparing the beef noodle. Both use different type of noodles, sauce mix and part of the beef.

After lunch, he told me that he is so going to take me eat his favorite beef noodle in Malaysia over the weekend.

And he indeed did. On late Sunday morning, he took me to Pasar Besar in Seremban. The place is rather smelly, wet and dirty (you know.. wet market!) but apparently that's where you get the best Beef Noodle in Seremban. The kitchen's hygiene is definitely a far cry from A Grade but people say, just eat. Don't look at the cooking process. So, I just ate. It tasted delicious, anyway.

Seremban Pasar Besar's Dry Beef Noodle with Extra Meat Balls.
(Big size at RM 6).

Tasting the Pasar Besar's Dry Beef Noodle again for the second time.

Actually, after eating the one from Seremban, I have to sadly report that Seremban's style tastes much better (and cheaper) than the one in Singapore. Singapore's beef noodle is rather pale in comparison with Seremban Pasar Besar's beef noodle. I lost to my husband for this beef noodle tasting championship.

But still, in Singapore, only Hock Lam's beef noodle is recommended.


  1. huh, the website for original hock lam is not the one you went to!

  2. Oops.. OK, thanks for the correction. I've taken that out :D


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