Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10.10.10 Was Not Our Day

People buzzed about 10.10.10 a lot. Mostly on the happy stuff about 10.10.10. On Facebook, I saw so many people posted many special things and quotes about the date. In the news, I saw hundreds of people tied the knot in Singapore.

But 10.10.10 was not really my husband's and my day. It was not a regular Sunday. There were so many things happened that day, literally since we opened our eyes in the morning until we closed our eyes at night. Almost all were bad things.

Here are the chronicles:

After we woke up rather late that Sunday morning, my husband suggested us drive away from Ang Mo Kio area and have breakfast somewhere, considering that last weekend might be his last time driving to Singapore. I suggested we eat at one of the restaurants along the Killiney Road. We agreed and drove there. According to our GPS in iPhone, AMK to Killiney Road was only about 10km. In fact, we did not have so much complications in finding the way there by driving, but what happened in the end was that we could not find a parking spot around the Killiney road.

We circled the Somerset-Orchard-Dhoby Ghaut area to get to the Killiney Road again for the second time and hoped for an empty spot. Yet, there was no luck. Could not afford wasting time, petrol and growling stomachs any longer, we decided to go home with empty stomach.

On our way home, my husband knocked someone's car in front of us when we were stuck in the traffic light in Orchard Road. He was reading the GPS on iPhone and could not split his concentration in the traffic light. Totally my bad. I should have been a better partner and learned to help him read GPS and navigate the direction whilst he drives. Moreover, I should have let him buy the real GPS to begin with. A lesson well learned.

Super bad luck on a sunny Sunday.

Not long, my husband ended making a report in Somerset Police Station and I waited for him in the car for about one hour. Luckily, the Caucasian guy whose car was hit was not rude to us and settled this issue calmly. There was no fine implied from Singapore Police for this unfortunate event but my husband will have to compensate the victim S$ 600 cash this weekend for fixing the car and sign a mutual agreement to dismiss the police reports.

Like any other normal guys who had just knocked someone's car, my husband's mood was indeed very much affected after the accident. Finally, we only our breakfast during lunch time and decided to just park the car in a residential area around the Somerset Police Station and walked back to the restaurant stretch along the Killiney Road.

I took him to The Freshly Baked Restaurant and ordered a sandwich for both of us. Luckily, the Cajun Chicken Sandwich in whole meal bread plus a glass of cold milk consoled us a bit. But obviously, both of our mood was already ruined by the whole Sunday morning ordeal.

Forced smile.

The Freshly Baked's Cajun Chicken Sandwich ($ 6.90 per portion).
A glass of cold milk ($3 per serving).

A one shared huge sandwich was not enough. We continued to Killiney Kopitiam next door and ordered Nasi Lemak, Chee Chong Fan and my favorite grass jelly with Longan dessert. I didn't take any photo of our stop there, unfortunately.

We went home and took a nap. Then at 5pm, my husband had to go back to Malaysia. It was my first Sunday after so long without him around. I was suddenly so down when I realized that I had to spend my Sunday evening alone at home, without him. I was just not used to the lonely feeling anymore, especially on weekend. Call me cheesy, but I literally missed him in seconds after I saw him driving away. That's where another bad mood kicked in my brain.

I felt so tortured being alone at home in AMK so when Miyuki invited me to go to her house in Toa Payoh for dinner that night I said YES. I went to Toa Payoh and tried to find her house. I got lost twice in Toa Payoh HDB area until she had to picked me up in the MRT Station. We tried to find dinner but the food court near her house was closed already. We ended cooked Indomie at her house, without knowing that Indomie would be banned in the foreign markets a day later. Darn.

I already had bad mood since my husband went home earlier that day. He also had a bad mood since I made him miss his friend's wedding in Malaysia for the second time consecutively. To complete the story, my husband had to deal with the longest traffic ever in the highway near Seremban on his way back home. There was a fatal bus accident in the highway and it caused him trapped in the traffic for two hours for 15 km distance.

In conclusion, we both had the longest Sunday ever and went through an uneasy night as well. We could not help but brought this bad mood forward to the next day.

What a Sunday. And What a Monday to start this week. Lucky, so far, Tuesday treats us slightly better.

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