Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wonderful Birthday

I no longer fall in the early twenties category. I have crossed the 1/4 century mark and am now 26 years old. I am now officially in my late twenties already. So auntie!

Anyway, I had a wonderful birthday celebrations yesterday, literally for almost the whole day.

12.00am. I was showered with tons of sweet birthday greetings from friends all over the place online and offline.

Those who are very close to my heart celebrated my birthday like celebrating a small kid's birthday. I had birthday cakes and birthday presents! I really felt so pampered.

3pm. My dear colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake and sang the birthday song to me. This year is my last year celebrating birthday together with my dearest colleagues, Iris and Rej. Both have decided to move to a greener pasture and this month is their last month in our company. I am both happy and sad. Happy to see them moving on to a better place out there. Sad for bidding farewell with them. I am so used to have them around five days a week and honestly, I am so dreadful with their coming departures.

Celebrating birthday with all the producers.

I could only think and wish of one thing when making my birthday wish that afternoon.

My loyal cake cutter specialist is leaving me soon!

Birthday presents from Iris and Rej! So sweet of them.

Celebrating my last birthday with Iris Tan in this office. 
I am so gonna miss her friendship, my lunch and shopping buddy. 
You are more than a colleague to me.

Celebrating my last birthday with Rej too in this office. 
I am so going to lose such a wise, mature and funny friend in the office.

 Birthday presents unveiled.

Jen, our graphic designer, who knows me the longest since I set my foot in our working place in Singapore, also gave me cute birthday presents.

Sweet sinful treats from Jen.

6pm. Right after work, I headed to ION's Food Hall in Orchard to meet my BFF from Malang who happened to be in Singapore this whole week. I have been wondering how come Astrid had forgotten my birthday. No birthday greeting at all from her. Turned out, she did that on purpose and presented me my second birthday cake for the day on our way finding a cafe.

Me and my birthday cake from Astrid.

I was so delightful to have her here in Singapore during my birthday!

8pm. God granted my wish. Despite his super busy schedule, my husband managed to see his wife that night and surprised her with the a set of birthday cakes and additional hidden presents (on top of the iPhone 4 I got over the weekend)!

My husband and my third birthday cake.

Additional birthday presents from Hubby.

I had such a wonderful birthday with loving people surround me. I celebrated my very first birthday as Mrs. SYK. All the more, my fervent wish was granted. I could not ask for a better birthday than this.

~Thank you for all the best wishes and kind birthday celebrations, Friends. There is only one 7th of September in a year and thanks to all of you, I had such a sweet and memorable 7th of September this year. I can't thank you enough for celebrating this with me.
And thank you very much too, Husband, for being there.~

"Whatever you ask, may you receive.
Whatever you seek, may you find.
Whatever you wish, may it be fulfilled."

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