Sunday, September 26, 2010

When the Going Gets Boring, Eat Chocolate

I was alone. My husband's busy fixing the kitchen's windows with his brother. It has been quite some time and yet to finish anytime soon. It's boring and women better keep a distance from it. Let the men take care of it.

Relaxing and quite Sunday is today. I have nothing much to do here - which is good, sometimes. Well, actually I do have something to do. I have to start looking for a greener pasture that earns better living but I did not see any interesting green fields just now. What a laborious hunt!

Thus, I chose to chill in my husband's room, turn the air conditioner on, get myself busy with his laptop and read my favorite bloggers' latest entries. Other bloggers always inspire me to update my blog too. Although there are not important stuff to share.

Anyway, I saw an untouched huge chocolate bar lurking around the cabinet next to me. It's a fruit and nut milk chocolate bar that my husband bought at a grocery near his quarters in Mersing. Fruit and nut milk chocolate is my favorite chocolate range amongst all.

Cannot resist the chocolate's temptation

Since I was quite hungry but I could not have my lunch without my husband, my sweet tooth swung by whilst waiting for husband's lunch call. I started to drool over the sugary delight in front of my eyes. I realized it's been sitting safe and sound in his room for quite some time already. I think this is the best time to wake this sweet little friend up and do the magic it is supposed to do.

In summary, I decided to steal his chocolate bar, open it, break it to small pieces and eat this boredom medicine.

Alone? Indulge in a big chunk of sweet chocolate is never a bad idea.

And oh, my husband is still not aware of the chocolate embezzlement I just committed.

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