Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swarovski's Golden Butterfly Bids Farewell

Tomorrow, 23rd of September 2010, is Rej's last day with us. I still cannot believe that I won't be seeing Rej on daily basis anymore in the office from tomorrow onwards. We both had shed tears and laughter together for almost two years. I am so going to miss her!

Shaz initiated the farewell gift purchase for Rej on Monday evening. All producer fellows agreed to chip in. According to him, Rej has a diva image hence he suggested buy accessories for her from Thomas Sabo. Obviously, he knows so much about accessories and fashion luxury brands and I know almost nothing about it. I have never even heard of Thomas Sabo brand before he mentioned it.

Yesterday lunch time, Shaz, Iris, Irish and I decided to have a quick visit at the nearest Thomas Sabo's outlet at Raffles City Mall. On our way to find the outlet, we were sort of attracted by Swarovski's mega bright outlet. Needless to say, we had a good check on their affordable yet pretty stuff there. Done with checking Swarovski's charms and bracelets, we continued hunting Thomas Sabo.

Turned out, Thomas Sabo's outlet is just located somewhere opposite Swarovski's outlet. After checking their catalog, we found Swarovski's charms were still better than Thomas Sabo's although pricing wise, some of Sabo's items were somewhat more expensive than Swarovski's.

Finally, we headed back to Swarovski's outlet and bought a charm from there. We bought something that I personally think would really suit Rej's personality and style. I hope she likes it when we present this to her tomorrow.

The Golden Butterfly Charm for Rej from Swarovski

And by the way, it was actually my first time buying luxury accessories like this. I have dropped by Swarovski's outlets few times before with my husband but never with any intention of really buying their bling-bling. To me, they are just very pretty glass decorations with pricey charge. No offense to Swarovski's fans out there.

Bye-bye, Rej......... We will miss you. Wish you smooth sailing in the new ocean!

Oh God, another farewell to come again next week. *sob*

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