Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Addiction to Oyakodon

To me, Japanese food for lunch always costs me more than other food that I can find around my working place but these days I really cannot resist Japanese don for lunch. Usually I always try to budget my lunch to be around S$5/day but once in a while, I do spend more that that to break the routines. In this case, a bowl of don and a glass of ice tea would cost me about S$10.

My colleague introduced me to R-Burger outlet nearby my office a couple months ago. They sell a very different kind of burger, a healthy kind with collagen, but I always go for their don. Their oyakodon, to be exact. I have been visiting this restaurant for their oyakodon almost on weekly basis now.

Oyakodon is a Japanese rice bowl covered with cooked eggs, chicken cuts, sweet onions and other ingredients. I love the Japanese sauce taste that they use to cook this dish. The egg topping is so thick and usually tastes sweet. The hot rice beneath the egg topping tastes so yummy. It is usually served with a small bowl of miso soup too. I usually like miso soup but since this restaurant puts Chinese radish cuts onto it, I skip their miso soup. Chinese radish is my enemy. I just can't stand its smell when cooked. Its aroma makes me feel nauseous.

My favorite oyakodon from R-Burger

My husband happened to be in town last Friday. I was working and he was resting at home in Singapore (for the entire day). A rare experience for me. He came all the way to Raffles Place to see me for lunch so I took him to try my new favorite lunch menu. 

Lunch date with husband at R-Burger Restaurant on Friday

Since my husband had a sore throat and body heat, instead of ordering my regular ice tea, I ordered hot tea. I could not hear the waiter's pronunciation for the hot tea that they have other than hot green tea. His Filipino accent was too thick to my ears. I thought he was mentioning an English tea brand, so I just said yes. In the end, a cup of hot buckwheat tea was served to us. We both were surprised with its taste.

Me and my oyakodon.

We actually ordered two dons. The other one was this rice bowl with thin-sliced pork but I didn't really like it due to its strong ginger taste. As usual, my husband was the one who had to finish food that I cannot or don't want to finish. And I forgot to take this pork don's photo.

 His ugly/funny face: Husband was a little bit moody that day since he was a bit sick.

That's was my special Friday lunch, with husband around. Something to remember as it really does not happen often.

On his next visit to Raffles Place, I aim to show him my favorite Hock Lam beef noodle restaurant around the Circular Road and ask him to compare it with his favorite beef noodle from Seremban. *can't wait*


  1. Objection! I'm not as angry as in the photo okay! It was pure "act". The food were quite nice. Still, not worth the money.

  2. Japanese food mah.. imported ingredients.. always costs more. Next time let's go to Shokudo ok. I show you many other kinds of Japanese food. :)


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