Saturday, September 4, 2010

iPhone 4 is in the House

This is what happens if your partner is an IT and gadgets geek. You'd become one. Sooner or later, unexpectedly.

Before I met my husband, checking the latest gadgets like new mobile phones in the internet or even in the physical shops was the last thing I would do during my spare time. I would rather sleep during my spare time than checking these stuff. I would definitely only check latest mobile phones in the market only when my current phone is broken and I need to get a new one.

Since I met him, a keen IT and gadget follower, he would constantly update me with what is going on in this IT telecommunications industry, whether I was interested or not. I hear him talking about it. A lot. He shows me the new gadgets' launch videos or other detailed features explanations in You Tube. He teaches me to use almost all the available features inside my current smart mobile phone to the optimum level. He asks and advises me to download all the interesting and important features or games or software for my mobile phone.

Thanks to him (big time!), I am now sort of knowledgeable with the latest trends on mobile phones technology, especially on my current mobile phone, iPhone.

Buying iPhone 4 was, again, the last thing in my shopping list since I felt that my current iPhone 3GS worked just fine - though it hanged more often recently. iPhone 4 was officially released in Singapore in late July this year. My husband's brother bought one online in Singapore but he didn't quite like it, so he asked him to help him resell it in Malaysia. My husband also asked me to order more iPhones online since he feels like upgrading his and he wanted to offer the other one to some interested parties. I ordered two a couple weeks ago.

Last weekend, he showed me my brother in law's iPhone 4 and did some quick comparison between the 3GS and the 4 versions. I was, in fact, quite interested with the latest version too. The resolution of iPhone 4 is so much better and its speed is faster than 3GS. Hence, I was tempted to have brother in law's iPhone 4 first and sell my iPhone 3GS.

My husband was the best supporter for this decision. Last night, he stayed up until am just to back up all the data in my iPhone 3GS and transfer everything to the iPhone 4. This morning, I officially held my new phone. I am now a proud user of iPhone 4.

I ain't an iPhone expert and can just notice the very visible differences between the old and new ones. Few significant differences between  the 3GS and  the 4 versions that I experienced so far (written with the assistance of the apple store website):

Higher resolution - With higher pixel density, images appearing in the phone are now super sharp and clear. I totally love this!

Check how clear and sharp the image in my screen saver now.

Video call - This 'face time' feature now is available but I have yet to test it since my husband still uses his 3GS.

Two cameras, two views and five mega pixel camera with LED Flash - Since this phone has cameras on the front and the back, it's easier to take a self-portrait now. And of course, better photo quality and experience with the flash and more pixel.

It's easier to take self-portrait now. And the result is indeed much better and focused.

Multitasking - This feature is actually to run and switch favorite third-party applications instantly. I have used this feature in my 3GS quite some time ago since there was this iPhone 4's software update which was made compatible for 3GS.

So far, I really enjoy playing around with my new iPhone 4. No regret for upgrading the phone although initially, it was not in the plan at all. I am kind of excited with my new toy now.

My husband placed an order online for my new iPhone 4 case this morning. All he needed to do was to download the iPhone 4 Case Program online from the App Store. It's free of charge and we just have to remember to apply for it within thirty days of iPhone 4 purchase. It says the shipment will take about two weeks time.

Belkin's transparent iPhone 4 case

Can't wait for it to hit my desk!

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