Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Qǐ Rén Yōu Tiān: To Worry That The Sky Falls Down

杞 – The State of Qi, 16th century BC–445 BC
人– person
忧 – fear, worry
天– sky

"Once upon a time, in the State of Qi there was a man who always let his imagination run away with him. He even worried that the sky would fall on his head. He was so worried that he could neither eat nor sleep. Later, someone persuaded him that his fears were groundless.

His friend walked up to him and told him to calm down. The man answered, “But if the sky won’t fall down, the stars or the moon or the sun may!”. His friend walked away in frustration."

This idiom satirizes those who worry unnecessarily.*

So, the message is: Don't worry! 

My husband planted this idiom into my head over the night due to my excessive worry over random things recently. It irritates both of us. But again, if only living life easy and worry-free is really that easy to do.... Sometimes, due to various reasons, we just worry. Unnecessarily or not. I am out of control. Help!


*The story behind the idiom was copied from various sources on 杞人忧天 legend found in the internet.

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