Sunday, September 19, 2010

All But This One

This afternoon my husband asked for an extra mouse pad for his laptop and I came across this one. A brand new mouse pad that I have yet to use since I bought this last month at First World Mall, Genting.

Cute mouse pad. A reminisce from Genting.

I found this cute mouse from a small stall selling stationary, accessorizes, bags and the like. There was this 'ALL 10%  DISCOUNT' writing in this stall. From the price label, this mouse pad cost RM 9.90. In my imagination, with 10% discount, it would probably worth RM 8. Not that expensive.

The seller was a Mandarin-speaking woman, so my husband was the one who had to liaise with her and purchase this for me. "So, how much this one costs after discount?", I asked my husband after he talked to her. He said "RM 9.90."

"Huh, no 10% discount? See the writing there." He confirmed with the seller again. "Apparently, all the stuff in this stall has 10% discount except this mouse pad.", he replied. "HUH! What kind of rule is this? So weird and unfair."

Thinking back, I found this seller was quite ridiculous. All the stuff that she sold had 10% discount as per stated in the sign board but one item. However, one thought is that maybe the discount sign board was just her marketing gimmick and she did this to other customers when they bought something from her. She'd say to them that the item that they want is not on discount. All the stuff, but the one that the customer holds.

Anyway, my husband still bought the mouse pad for me with full price since I wanted it that bad.

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