Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slow Life in Singapore

I am taking a day off today. Taking my own sweet time to relax and rest at home. Today is not my regular Tuesday. Slow day it has been, but I kind of like it so much.

I went out with husband who happens to be in town for late breakfast this morning. The neighborhood food courts and market were full of people. I enjoyed the sunny morning and sort of amazed by what I learned today.

It is funny to see the other side of Singapore on weekdays. All this while, I always think that Singapore on weekdays would be just about hectic, robotic and routine lives around Raffles Place, City Hall, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard or other office areas. Food courts or markets would be rather empty on weekdays as people would be busy working in their offices or other places.

I totally forgot about those old uncles, aunties, housewives and others who don't have to go to work or have flexible working schedules. They eat late breakfast or brunch. Have chat with buddies over coffee or tea or just plain water at food courts. Take a stroll with babies. Say hello to acquaintances or neighbors. Explore the wet market. Bother to make a stop and listen to the guy with wireless microphone selling the purple mops. And so on.

Life outside the CBD areas in Singapore is still pretty normal. It is slow. It is not in rush at all and seems far from deadlines.

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