Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Room Hunting in Singapore

Finding a room for rent in Singapore equals to:




After months of searching, I finally found a master room in Singapore. It was such a headache to find a room that fits your budget, is fully furnished and clean, has good location, is maintained by good tenants or landlord and agent-free. However, what I found a couple weeks ago was a room that is within my budget, no internet, no air-conditioner, weird landlord and with agent. Due to time consideration, we decided to take the room, despite the incredibly short move-in notice.

In the beginning, I always thought that this decision was the worst investment of the year that I made since I had to pay extra for the agent fee, house deposit and previous house's one-month notice. Adjusting to the new place was really hard for the first week. I complained for almost every single thing in the new house. In short, I made myself in a deep stress and indirectly spread this to my new husband. I was highly annoyed with the landlord's personalities. I lamented on the fact that I could not touch her kitchen, thus, abandoned my cooking hobby, slow internet in the room, no TV, her praying area in the living room, etc.

I was in such despair to see that my world is confined within my new master room. Alone. For the first week after moving in, I was so lazy to go home to the new house hence, purposely went to office earlier in the morning and came back home much later at night. Although my husband was trying his best to keep me company at night via online chatting, yet, the loneliness that I felt sucked. Big time.

Change was and is never easy. 

Now, I am still adjusting. I still cannot accept some new things here but definitely have to push myself to be more versatile in many ways to live in the new place. It maybe just a matter of getting used to the new environment. One thing for sure is that there will be set of problems and challenges when you stay with strangers under the same room. Conflicts. It's somebody's way or highway.

Braddell. Toa Payoh. Serangoon. Bishan. Now, Ang Mo Kio.

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