Monday, August 23, 2010

How Nature Works

I invited some close friends to attend our ROM in Singapore. Initially, we both planned to make the ceremony as an exclusive family matter. But I changed my mind last minute. I wanted my close friends to be there too, if possible. Due to my incredibly sudden notice, in the end only few could make it. Except for my dear colleagues, Rej and Iris, whom I notified my ROM date long time ago. I kept on telling them to make sure that they could attend my ROM and purposely asked my Boss to release them for few hours that Friday.

Our ROM schedule was at 2.45pm. After the photo shoot sessions, we checked in earlier in the Registry Office. Turned out, the couple who were supposed to have solemnization before us didn't show up. Our solemnization schedule was moved forward.

When we were done with the solemnization and came out from the assigned Solemnization room, my friends arrived. They reached the venue exactly at 2.45pm but we were done with everything by then. A real shame.

In the end, we just only managed to have a brief catching-up chat and took some photos outside the ROM Office as mementos. Another shame.

With old friends, Lukas and Ayrin, who came exactly at 2.45pm
With Shandra, a long time best friend who came all the way from Surabaya

As for Rej and Iris - I had a more tragic experience with them. When we were already in our car, ready to go back to Malaysia; they notified me that they were already in the cab, on the way to meet us in the ROM office. Apparently they were running a bit late because they were stuck in Orchard Road because they were busy shopping for our ROM presents! I almost cried. All of us were quite disappointed.

Luckily, my husband decided to show Singapore around to my family first before moving back to Malaysia, . We started this Singapore mini tour by having lunch in the nearby place, the Tanjong Pagar Exchange (Under the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station). On my way back to meet my family after I changed my dress in the toilet inside the MRT Station, I bumped into Rej and Iris at a Thai Restaurant there.

See how nature works wonder. Although they missed my event as planned, we still met each other in another unexpected way. If you are fated, you are fated. No matter how.

Finally I got the chance to introduce my new husband to Iris and Rej

Our big and sincere thank you goes to Lukas, Ayrin, Shandra, Iris and Rejoy for making your time out and coming to see me on our ROM day despite the very short notice invitation. Indeed, much appreciated for the lovely ROM presents. We both can't thank you all enough for this.

I still feel bad for making you all missed the real event there! *sob*

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