Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slow Life in Singapore

I am taking a day off today. Taking my own sweet time to relax and rest at home. Today is not my regular Tuesday. Slow day it has been, but I kind of like it so much.

I went out with husband who happens to be in town for late breakfast this morning. The neighborhood food courts and market were full of people. I enjoyed the sunny morning and sort of amazed by what I learned today.

It is funny to see the other side of Singapore on weekdays. All this while, I always think that Singapore on weekdays would be just about hectic, robotic and routine lives around Raffles Place, City Hall, Tanjong Pagar, Orchard or other office areas. Food courts or markets would be rather empty on weekdays as people would be busy working in their offices or other places.

I totally forgot about those old uncles, aunties, housewives and others who don't have to go to work or have flexible working schedules. They eat late breakfast or brunch. Have chat with buddies over coffee or tea or just plain water at food courts. Take a stroll with babies. Say hello to acquaintances or neighbors. Explore the wet market. Bother to make a stop and listen to the guy with wireless microphone selling the purple mops. And so on.

Life outside the CBD areas in Singapore is still pretty normal. It is slow. It is not in rush at all and seems far from deadlines.

BBQ Date at Home

I had my short tai-tai moments by doing foot scrub at the mall in Seremban last Saturday whilst husband had his badminton practice with pals. Once done, he followed me doing some groceries shopping as well at the supermarket. Then, he came up with a very impromptu idea to have a BBQ for two at home on Saturday night.

Hesitated in the beginning but in the end, I said yes.

He was the one who initiated the plan, the fire and the cooking!

Our mini BBQ party: Black pepper sausage, chicken ham and home-made green salads.

Plus marinated chicken thighs and quails from JUSCO Supermarket: Yummy!

He does all the hard work and I just enjoy!

No regret! Loving BBQ.

Sometimes I always feel that BBQ just creates mess and smokes plus often ends with excess food. But, despite the hard work in preparing, cooking and cleaning, I now think that it is quite a fun thing to do with spouse or groups. It is worth to be organized once in a while. Just enjoy the whole process. Savor the happy moments and togetherness. Save the mess and smell for later.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cup Noodles

All this while, whenever I see stacks of cup noodles in supermarkets' instant noodle section, I always wonder of  how the cup noodle manufacturers can survive in this business? Do people still eat cup noodles in this era? The normal cooked instant noodles indeed taste better than cup noodles. Who the hell will consume cup noodles?

I even questioned my husband, "Do you actually eat cup noodles?" He said, "Mmm.. Yeah, sometimes."
Apparently, I missed one significant group of cup noodle target market who would consider cup noodles as their staple food in the house. A group of tenants who cannot touch the landlords' stove and other cooking utensils in the kitchen but the hot water dispenser. Just like me.

I still can't believe that I am now eating my own words. I am now a cup noodle consumer. I eat this for breakfast and dinner when hungry and out of food.

I always love you, Indomie and Mie Sedaap. My dear trusted instant noodles. But, I have to say good bye to both of you now. I will miss you, my darlings!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Singapore-Seoul MSN Chat

Just had a good chat with an old university friend who is now happened to be staying in Korea. It was such a good catching up online session after so many things that happened since the last time I talked to her months ago.

She's my love-relationship guru. I sought advice from her quite often as we were going through similar states.

Cross-Country Love Birds

In summary, here are some wisdom that she mentioned during our short conversation that I thought really knocked my head. They are about life and love.
  • You are married already! Don't open fire first. No need to create problems.
  • Truly accepting someone as who he/she is easier said than done.
  • Don't worry about things that have not even occurred. It may not be happening after all. No need to worry about things in the future otherwise we are just creating wrinkles in our faces.
  • Just go with the flow.
  • Don't worry with what people think about us. We are the ones who live our lives.
  • Raise your kids on your own. Learn the responsibilities of raising your own kids.
  • Love does not change. People change.
  • Love kills. Tell me about it!
Buzz me again some other time, Gus!

Room Hunting in Singapore

Finding a room for rent in Singapore equals to:




After months of searching, I finally found a master room in Singapore. It was such a headache to find a room that fits your budget, is fully furnished and clean, has good location, is maintained by good tenants or landlord and agent-free. However, what I found a couple weeks ago was a room that is within my budget, no internet, no air-conditioner, weird landlord and with agent. Due to time consideration, we decided to take the room, despite the incredibly short move-in notice.

In the beginning, I always thought that this decision was the worst investment of the year that I made since I had to pay extra for the agent fee, house deposit and previous house's one-month notice. Adjusting to the new place was really hard for the first week. I complained for almost every single thing in the new house. In short, I made myself in a deep stress and indirectly spread this to my new husband. I was highly annoyed with the landlord's personalities. I lamented on the fact that I could not touch her kitchen, thus, abandoned my cooking hobby, slow internet in the room, no TV, her praying area in the living room, etc.

I was in such despair to see that my world is confined within my new master room. Alone. For the first week after moving in, I was so lazy to go home to the new house hence, purposely went to office earlier in the morning and came back home much later at night. Although my husband was trying his best to keep me company at night via online chatting, yet, the loneliness that I felt sucked. Big time.

Change was and is never easy. 

Now, I am still adjusting. I still cannot accept some new things here but definitely have to push myself to be more versatile in many ways to live in the new place. It maybe just a matter of getting used to the new environment. One thing for sure is that there will be set of problems and challenges when you stay with strangers under the same room. Conflicts. It's somebody's way or highway.

Braddell. Toa Payoh. Serangoon. Bishan. Now, Ang Mo Kio.

Monday, August 23, 2010

How Nature Works

I invited some close friends to attend our ROM in Singapore. Initially, we both planned to make the ceremony as an exclusive family matter. But I changed my mind last minute. I wanted my close friends to be there too, if possible. Due to my incredibly sudden notice, in the end only few could make it. Except for my dear colleagues, Rej and Iris, whom I notified my ROM date long time ago. I kept on telling them to make sure that they could attend my ROM and purposely asked my Boss to release them for few hours that Friday.

Our ROM schedule was at 2.45pm. After the photo shoot sessions, we checked in earlier in the Registry Office. Turned out, the couple who were supposed to have solemnization before us didn't show up. Our solemnization schedule was moved forward.

When we were done with the solemnization and came out from the assigned Solemnization room, my friends arrived. They reached the venue exactly at 2.45pm but we were done with everything by then. A real shame.

In the end, we just only managed to have a brief catching-up chat and took some photos outside the ROM Office as mementos. Another shame.

With old friends, Lukas and Ayrin, who came exactly at 2.45pm
With Shandra, a long time best friend who came all the way from Surabaya

As for Rej and Iris - I had a more tragic experience with them. When we were already in our car, ready to go back to Malaysia; they notified me that they were already in the cab, on the way to meet us in the ROM office. Apparently they were running a bit late because they were stuck in Orchard Road because they were busy shopping for our ROM presents! I almost cried. All of us were quite disappointed.

Luckily, my husband decided to show Singapore around to my family first before moving back to Malaysia, . We started this Singapore mini tour by having lunch in the nearby place, the Tanjong Pagar Exchange (Under the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station). On my way back to meet my family after I changed my dress in the toilet inside the MRT Station, I bumped into Rej and Iris at a Thai Restaurant there.

See how nature works wonder. Although they missed my event as planned, we still met each other in another unexpected way. If you are fated, you are fated. No matter how.

Finally I got the chance to introduce my new husband to Iris and Rej

Our big and sincere thank you goes to Lukas, Ayrin, Shandra, Iris and Rejoy for making your time out and coming to see me on our ROM day despite the very short notice invitation. Indeed, much appreciated for the lovely ROM presents. We both can't thank you all enough for this.

I still feel bad for making you all missed the real event there! *sob*

When We Said "I Do"

On the 6th August 2010, my fiance and I signed a life-time love contract. He took me as his wife. I took him as my husband. We promised to love each other. To be faithful. In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for better, for worse. No turning back.

Singapore was the land we chose for exchanging vows. Our modest marriage ceremony was witnessed by our Mothers and attended by our direct family, close relatives and a few of my best friends.

I am now Mrs. SYK.

That was the legal part. Done deal. Moving forward, we both now need a serious planning for the real cross-country weddings.  A lot of work and preparations for our 'big day' ahead.

In the interim, we still can't help the distance between us, especially me. I can't agree more with a line that I read in a random love article this morning: When you miss your partner, days seem to creep and time seems to pass like sand in an hour glass. And I still find it hard to cope with the days when he is not around. Ouch!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, that's what they say. Tell me about it! Especially if your new husband is the one who is absent most of the time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is ...

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude:It is not self-seeking, nor easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongdoing
It does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. 
It always protects, trusts, hopes and preserves.
There is nothing love cannot face; there is no limit to its faith, hope and endurance.
In a word, there are three things that last forever: Faith, hope and love;
But the greatest of them is all love."
1 Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love is meant to be beautiful. But now the question is, how long can you maintain the beautiful feeling, flying butterflies in the stomach whenever your sweetheart looks deep in your eyes or calls your name, the sweet comforting and praising words to your partner? One month? Two months? Six months? Two years? I think a couple is lucky enough if they were able to do it until they cross one year before it all diminishes. What my friends told me when I started my relationship was all true: Enjoy the loving and happy feeling while you can. Enjoy being a new couple. Enjoy the honeymoon period, so they say. As when it's all over, it won't come back. So once all these up-in-the-air feelings are more or less gone, what would happen?

To me, love complements two different souls. Love appreciates each other. Love accepts all flaws and many imperfections. Love forgives mistakes. But it is HARD! It is so much harder than thinking the love definition in my way or typing the words down here. Too many things in life erode love. It needs real good and constant works between two individuals to maintain a happy ending like those always told in almost every fairytale: The prince and princes lives happily ever after.

Story of YK and CT

Let's keep the love alive!

My fiance and I are technically, emotionally and geographically in two different worlds. Most of the time, to make our worlds circle in one orbit, we quarrel, get angry to each other, criticize, throw tantrums, endanger in short cold wars and too many other bad things to list here. Different nationalities, upbringings, cultures, educational backgrounds, faiths, languages, work fields, interests, hobbies, characters and habits, to name a few, do help lit sparks and pepper bad mood in our relationships.

For instance, HE likes cars, gadget, technology, rock music, sports. SHE likes shopping, fashion, make ups, love ballads, flowers and lazing around the house. It takes a real shower for him to accompany her to shop her clothes, browse her make-ups and do her face or hair or nails in salon. She gets really bored when she has to go for car test drive, checks on the latest mobile phones or goes to computer shop. He likes to play loud macho music, but she enjoys quite and serene moments. He likes to goes for supper until late and she likes to keep her beauty sleeping clock very routine. We both are just too different.

So what do we do? Ideally, we must learn accepting each other's needs and appreciate each other's interests. We should sacrifice our selfishness and support our partner's interests. Without a doubt, to work this differences out, it takes a lot of adjustments and patience. Everyone gives and takes a little and a lot.

Unfortunately, I am still way far behind from my fiance for being a good love partner. I am lacking of all the good virtues to loving my better half as mentioned in the above quote. I find it difficult to manage my anger, emotions, selfishness, disagreements, faith and trusts. All this while, I thought I was always a very patient, calm and quite wise person. Turned out, I am just a pure immature and short-tempered individual. I often lit the fire and add oil onto it to create a bigger fire for no apparent reasons, vague delusions or uncertain fears and jealousy. True enough, age does not justify maturity and we are always the hero in our own story. That's how we hurt our partner.

Love is ain't an easy business. The outline of my current big project for my relationship includes trust, patience, appreciation, understanding, faith and respect. My big project sounds simple but is actually not easy. I practice to remember them but I tend to forget to practice them too.

"There are three things that amaze me - no four things, that I don't understand: 
How an eagle glides through the sky,
How a snake slithers on a rock,
How a ship navigates the ocean,
How a man loves a woman."
Proverbs 30: 18-19

I always now how much you love me, Darling!