Monday, July 19, 2010

What's in Kuala Sedili?

These days, my fiance is a real busy bee. His project deadline is drawing near and he is required to work extra hard and puts extra hours too. Needless to say, he had to work on Saturday and Sunday too last weekend.

I followed him to his Mersing site over the weekend and we have been staying in two different places, JB and Kota Tinggi, in one weekend. Despite his busy schedule, I sort of enjoy accompanying my fiance working because I get the chance to travel, enjoy different environment and try the local food around Johor. Since we got together, I have been exploring many places in Malaysia than I ever imagined or even thought of visiting. Lucky, huh? One stone, two birds.

For this weekend, I requested my fiance to take me to Kuala Sedili, the only place where he can eat Chinese food around his remote project location in Mersing. Sedili is located about 40 minutes from Kota Tinggi and about 20 minutes drive from his project in Tanjung Leman, Mersing.

Kuala Sedili is really such a fisheries and marine place. All you can see once you set your foot there is a small 'kampong nelayan' selling fish products. There are few Chinese restaurants offering seafood and other Malay food small restaurants around too. When you walk a bit further to the sea direction, you can see a lot of fishing boats and spot living sea animals below the bridge! You'd see all the sea creatures that you won't get to see in a commercialized beaches or other sea tourism spots.

 The Marine Police Station.

The Fishing Boats.

Tired and super moody couple of the week.
What a weekend to remember!

After hanging around the jetty and taking some photos, the Chinese seafood restaurant we wanted to visit was still not opened yet. Thanks to our hungry stomachs, in the end we decided to go to Kota Tinggi to have dinner, instead. It's getting late.

That was the end of my short visit in Kuala Sedili. Something new indeed.

One tough weekend we just had but it's a learning curve. Hope we learn something from every bumpy road we have as a couple and understand each other better. We are still adjusting anyway. Long way to go and we are trying to enjoy every bit of it!

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