Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tasting the Real Orchard at Kusuma Agrowisata, Batu

My family had special overseas guests over the weekend. We were obliged to bring them around the town and introduce many things from Malang, be it visiting the landmarks of the city or trying the famous local cuisines.

My hometown, Malang, also known as the Paris van East Java, offers not so many places for tourists (I think - as I always scratch my head when it comes to touring around Malang with the real tourists). It is just like any normal small city in Indonesia and only has two quite big shopping malls. Food over there is great - many things you can't find elsewhere. The cool weather there is apparently already heavily affected by global warming. Recently, the traffic in Malang is maddening. Hence, on top of the culinary tour in the city, we had to bring them to the suburb area to relax. The choice was Batu.

After the engagement party was over, we headed to Kusuma Agro Wisata, Batu located about 30-45 minutes from the center of the city. Entrance ticket per person was Rp. 35,000,- and with that, we got one small apple juice (produced from their apples) and the 'right' to pick two oranges or apples (depends on the availability).

We were supposed to harvest the renowned Malang apples straight from the trees but apparently they have just harvested the apples. Hence, no ripe apples left for us. Instead, we had orange harvest session. Equally fun and quite an interesting experience.

I love the green nature that they offer there. Great view. Great experience. I love the smell of the strong orange around the orchards. It was just so fresh! And, they have great collections of unique breed of birds, too. Interesting.

We met a wise-looking bird there!

 Mother and daughter.

This place is just wonderful!

Me and the beautiful orchid in the greenhouse. Flowers are for sale.

My fiance surrounded with the orchids.

Wild flowers..

The dragon fruit orchard.

 The orange orchard.

 We love the smell of the oranges!

Me and the apple trees! 
Their white flowers and the tree structure are just cute!

We should go there again! Recommended.

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