Monday, July 19, 2010

Cooking Mixed Vegetables Dish and Sauteed Shrimps in English Sauce

I had been having a crave over my Mom's signature sauteed shrimps cooked with margarine and English sauce since my Malang trip. That's why I was planning to cook shrimps last Friday night and let my fiance taste this favorite dish again since he was about to visit me. I bought plenty of veggies and shrimps for Friday's dinner after work but something cropped up. So, Friday cooking plan was abolished.

Yesterday, my fiance and I had a long Sunday. Ran errands in Kota Tinggi. Did site work in Mersing. Dropped worker by Larkin's bus station. Went back to Singapore. And, oh we had some tiring two house viewings too in Clementi and Yishun. Both were not satisfying.

We came home at about 8.30pm last night, both were a bit tired and had not had any dinner yet then. Luckily, my housemates helped me keep the veggies in the fridge and freeze the shrimps for me before I left for JB on that Friday night. So, I quickly started preparing and cooking all these at around 8.45pm and an hour later, we managed to have our late dinner - thanks to the ordeal fighting with the unexpected rice bugs in the beginning that made the cooking process longer!

Anyway, good thing with keeping my fiance's stomach hungry last night was to make it spare extra space for too much food as again, I cooked too much portions for two.

Healthier choice: Mixed Veg (Carrot, Broccoli, Sugar Beans and Egg) and Sauteed Shrimps in English Sauce.

Sauteed Shrimps in English Sauce 


Shrimps - Cleaned, cut and fried (with normal cooking oil and bit of garlic)
Sliced Sweet Onions
English (or Worcestershire) Sauce - It's a must ingredient and so far I can only find this sauce only in Indonesia
Sweet soy sauce (as needed)
Pinch of pepper
Sugar (as needed)
Water (as needed)

In the end, we both could finish almost everything. The shrimps were good although a bit overcooked.

I was not ready for photo shoot after cooking but he snapped me anyway.

I love seeing him eating the food I cook!

I want the shrimps again!

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