Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Santa's Bag is Full of Snacks

I always love snacking. Although I try to limit consuming snacks due to health reasons, somehow I cannot help my hand for not grabbing them from supermarket racks or grocery shops and eat them all like there's now tomorrow.

I love cheese balls, cheese rings, BBQ sticks, potato chips, shrimp sticks, seaweed crackers and the like - you name it. But I hate those wasabi or curry flavored ones.

Via WhatsApp, my fiance told me that he just did something crazy for me after he had his dinner tonight. He said he has just bought 25 different types of snack from the grocery shop next to his quarters for me to enjoy this weekend.

Snack frenzy: My Santa's presents although it's not Christmas.

25 of them! How to finish? My fiance said they are all in small packages and can be finished real fast. I thought, "Sure. Haha. Why not? Slowly we'll get there. Let's just be sure to get Pi Pa Gao or cooling water stand by for the post-snacking party effects." *joking*

Anyway, I'm so looking forward to choose which one to open first.

Thank you again, Darling! I know how you love to pamper me.

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