Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, Man! She's So Big Now!

I always look forward to see Baby Obama in person. All the time.

All this while, I only get updates about her via phone calls with my parents or siblings and her photos that my sister occasionally posts on Facebook.

Finally after more than six months of expectation, I got to see her again. The last time I saw her, she was such a baby, though her size was a bit big for her age. Could not do much.

But now look at her. She can walk and runs and speak already! And she loves flipping fashion magazines and messing the folded and ironed clothes stack!

She is still very glued to my Mom. More than ever. More than to anyone. That makes her even cuter in my eyes.

Time for tying hair!

Why do you look so sad?

My favorite smile.

Chubby.. Chubby..


Check her irresistible wavy hair!
'Gadis Bali' Style

Three days are not enough to catch up with her.

I want to see her again please. Longer, next time.

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