Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lousy Goma Wakame

After discussing with my fiance on what food to eat this weekend this afternoon, I thought of sushi again. But, apparently I could not wait until this weekend for my seaweed craving and sushi. I hit NTUC Bishan right after work to buy some sushis and my favorite Japanese seaweed salad.

I had this craze over this cold green seaweed salad and literally paid $5.00 for a small box of goma wakame in NTUC. It is a smaller portion from the one sold in Shokudo and more expensive too. On top of that, I also bought three sushi items to take away which cost $ 0.70/piece.

I had a super high expectation on my dinner at home tonight.

Tonight's Japanese cold treat dinner from NTUC.
Free sushi soy sauce for minimum purchase of $2.50 worth of sushi and other items.

All the three sushis tasted quite nice and I sort of enjoyed all three of them. However, to my disappointment, the one that I really looked forward to enjoy the most tasted very weird. The goma wakame smelled so fishy that I could not take big bites of it and in the end, I took no bite at all.

I could not continue chewing it but had no heart to throw the almost untouched seaweed box away to the trash bin. I just placed it in my fridge for now. See what happens tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

There goes my S5.00 into the drain. Just like that.

Note: No more goma wakame from supermarkets from now on. Only get it from real Japanese restaurants. Period.

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