Monday, July 19, 2010

IPA Small Reunion

IPA committee members have not seen each other for months already. The association was sort of idle since last year due to many reasons, therefore regular meetings were abandoned.

After so long not seeing all IPA committee fellows, I really sort of missed their accompany and chit chats. Then, after a couple of weeks of efforts in gathering whoever available in Singapore for quick catching up and dinner, finally 6 of us were reunited again in City Hall last Wednesday after work. These people are so busy, I tell you. It is harder to put them together for a quick dinner than putting together a bunch of speakers to deliver presentations at my conference. No pun intended. *joke*

In the end we decided to have dinner at Shokudo, City Hall. I ordered the exactly same menu for the three consecutive visits at this very restaurant. I love their Japanese rice and seaweed. The price of these dishes are quite affordable yet taste very delicious and their portions for these two dishes are just nice for me.

Shokudo's Sesame Seaweed (Goma Wakame) and mini Unagi-don

It was sort of a nice short gathering and we indeed need to have this kind of informal meetings more often. I got to see Utari, whom I have not seen for almost a year already. It was very good to see this girl fresh again after the whole ordeal she had few months ago. She definitely looked so fresh after her long break in Jakarta.

Chris and Utari. Photo credits by Oscar.

I got to get new updates from other association friends too: Four of them have decided to change jobs and moved on to a better working place. One is expecting a baby. One has just sold his favorite camera and now the photographer is temporarily using his phone's camera until he gets a new one.

It's so good to hear from each other again. When is our next meeting? Mega and Irena - you both should join us next time, if your busy time permits.

When is my turn to move on to a greener field?

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