Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the Love of Sushi

Amongst all the Japanese food varieties, I love Sushi the most. First thing I always do when I have my buffet lunch at hotels when running conference is to grab Sushi onto my plates. Even before my green salad entree. Sushi is like my entertainment of the day!

These past few weeks, my fiance and I have been feeding ourselves with Sushi more often than ever. We both love this pretty little delicious thing originated from Japan.

I love nori and other Japanese seaweed dishes.

He loves wasabi paste. I don't.

I love the sweet tamago taste.

He loves the fresh raw salmon feeling. I don't.

He is not a fussy eater. I am.

So... We set foot in Sakae Sushi for the first time in Bukit Panjang's West Mall, Singapore when my fiance visited me about three weeks ago. I love how Sakae Sushi operates its sushi outlets and the food they sell is just great! Fresh, yummy and a lot of variates!

Sushi is considered a pricey treat for my fiance and I so we both sort of eating them very consciously that day. We were so careful with the plate colors that we picked but anyway, what we paid was just worth the price. I'd love to come and have them again and again!

Blue plate: $2/plate.

Pink plate: S3/plate.

Ohh.. these pretty sushis are lurking around.

Red plate: $4/plate. My majesty unagi sushi
The unagi melts in your mouth.

Can't wait to finish them all!

I love sushi! Aww..

Can't get enough of them!

Hot green tea to cleanse your fat?

Last week, we could not bear parting from Sushi again. Before we caught our movie date, we dropped by the JUSCO supermarket in Seremban and bought a set of brand less sushi from there and ate them at the food court next door. We needed their chopsticks!

RM 14.90 Sushi Set from JUSCO.
Can't compare with Sakae's but still OK to satisfy our sushi craving.

Oh, how I love, love, love SUSHI!

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