Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Officially Engaged!

Yay! We are almost there. We just did our official engagement party back in my hometown over the weekend. It was a very small, modest and straight-to-the-point kind of event for family members and has definitely served its purpose.

During the preparation periods, it involved a lot of discussions, quarrels, confirmations, advices and arrangements. It was indeed a happy and simple event to be held but I must admit that I was quite frustrated when I was arranging it due to the different culture between me and my fiance and the distance between me and my family who helped me to settle all the logistics.

But again, like any other normal girls in this planet, I loved being a princess for a day (especially when the beloved prince was there!). I really loved the make-up session at the Salon (although I almost killed my fiance with boredom then) and the photo sessions (in a complete make up, hair do and pretty dress)! I feel like I have not done this 'Salon' thing for ages and I sort of missed it! Anyway, I was shy too, during the proceedings for being the center of attention and all of us were sort of blur with the processions during the engagement party.

Doing the Rp. 1 Million princess makeover at Gester Salon, Malang. 

The tortured man impatiently waited for me at the Salon for 2 solid hours.

 On the way to the Gang Djangrik Restaurant. 
Guests were waiting for us already.

The Prince and Princess of the Day: Engaged!

With my BFF Astrid and Michael who fortunately could make it despite my very short notice invitation.

My Dad and I after the party.

And this is another part that I love too of the engagement celebration in Indonesia - The red hampers distribution. It's a very traditional thing to do for engagement celebration amongst the Chinese community in Indonesia and I definitely enjoyed the process of preparing it (tho I helped a little bit only). The red hampers are distributed to the family friends and relatives to announce that the girl of one particular family has been taken by the guy's family. Wedding bell is definitely the next thing they should expect after this!

Red hampers ready for door-to-door distribution.

Luckily, I didn't go contemporary with the hamper. These days many couples change the content of the traditional engagement hampers with cute cookies, different flavor or candies, etc but I never regret of being a little bit outdated in this sense. I mean I am fine with the modern and pretty red hamper packages but to me, the contents have to be traditional. I purposely asked my Mom to order the original hamper with the traditional Chinese-style cookies and other ingredients that we can only enjoy when someone sends you engagement hamper since many years ago.

The content of the distributed red hampers minus a pack of caramelized sesame biscuits, a mandarin and a red apple.

I carried two extra hampers back to Singapore and distributed these to my dear colleagues, Iris and Rej. They were so excited opening and clearing all the hamper's contents. They found this very interesting as they have never been given such thing before in Singapore and the Philippines. I was so happy sharing this happy moment across the ocean!

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